Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie

Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie - Herman Parish, Lynne Avril

Written by Herman Parish

Illustrated by Lynne Avril


Amelia Bedelia is visiting her grandparents. Her grandma asked if Amelia Bedelia and her grandpa would go buy apples, because she had made a pie dough. Amelia Bedelia and her grandpa go to the farmer's market to get Granny Smith apples. When they return, Amelia Bedelia helps her grandma make the pie. She also makes a mini pie with the leftover dough. When the pie is done, her grandma sets it outside to cool and birds eat the whole thing. Amelia Bedelia's parents come over and everyone laments about the ruined pie, until Amelia Bedelia remembers her tiny pie in the oven. Everyone is thankful for the tiny pie.


i would use this with kindergarten through second grade. It could be used for how-to/sequencing, feeling thankful (Thanksgiving), or apples in general.