Mr. Wuffles!

Mr. Wuffles! - David Wiesner

Written and illustrated by David Wiesner


Mr. Wuffles is an unimpressed black and white cat who is very selective about his toys. One day, a tiny spaceship lands in a pile of his rejected toys and Mr. Wuffles takes an immediate interest in it, batting the spaceship around and shaking up the poor aliens inside. The aliens manage to get away, but their spaceship is in desperate need of repair. The aliens meet the bugs who live under the radiator and though they speak different languages, the aliens and bugs form an alliance and plan an escape for the aliens. The bugs provide the materials necessary for the spaceship's repair, and together, the aliens and bugs successfully get past the sneaky Mr. Wuffles with the repair materials. The aliens quickly fix their spaceship and fly away through an open window, much to the disappointment of Mr. Wuffles.


This book is in the form of a comic, with few words but many panels of illustrations. Fourth and fifth grade students could write a story to go with the illustrations, or they could create their own fictional comic involving a pet or themselves. Teachers could also lead discussions about collaboration and diversity in regards to the aliens and bugs.