Red: A Crayon's Story

Red: A Crayon's Story - Michael Hall, Michael Hall

Written and illustrated by Michael Hall


Red is a crayon with a bright red label, but no matter how hard he tries to be, he just can't be red. His teacher tries to help him be red by suggesting that he color strawberries, but it doesn't work. His mother sets him up on a playdate with Yellow and tells them to draw a nice orange together, but that doesn't work either. The scissors try to help by snipping off his red label so that he has more room to breathe, but Red is still miserable. He can't be red no matter what he does! A new friend offers a new perspective, and Red figures out what readers could see from the start - he's blue!


This book would be great for the lower elementary grades for a discussion on being true to your inner self. Being comfortable with who you are is majorly important for your overall level of happiness. This book would also work to talk about diversity, since everyone is different and may even be different on the inside from what everyone sees on the outside.