Little Tree

Little Tree - Loren Long, Loren Long

Written and illustrated by Loren Long


Little Tree lives in the middle of a little forest and loves his little leaves that keep him cool in the warm summer days. When autumn arrives, a cool wind comes with it that rustles Little Tree's leaves. The other trees in the forest drop their leaves one by one and face the winter head on, but Little Tree clings to his leaves. Little Tree remains unchanged for years, despite the encouragement from various creatures of the forest and the fact that his leaves are brown and withered. One day, he notices how the other trees now tower over him, and he remembers when they were all the same size. Little Tree realizes that he has an important decision to make: in order to grow, he has to let go.


This book is fantastic for all ages. With a more shallow interpretation, it could be used to talk about changing seasons and nature with much younger children. With a deeper reading, it's perfect for a discussion about growing up and making hard choices.